Day 3 in Cape Town

We were starting to get a little sentimental, knowing this was our last day. We heard there existed penguins in South Africa, so we thought it best that we find them for ourselves, see them with our own eyes, watch their cute waddle, share a penguin moment.

We took the train from the city center to Simon´s Town. The train in South Africa was nothing like I had ever seen before. The walls were covered in amateur graffiti and the floors were a makeshift rubbish bin, making it impossible to not step on old chip bags as you walked past. Keep in mind, this was the first class car. Anyways, Simon´s Town turned out to be a cute little Dutch-inspired village by the water side. Zeus insisted we get some fish and chips before we continue our walk to Boulder Beach where the mystical, legendary penguins reside. I was shocked when I stumbled into the public restroom when I realized, although it lacked hand sanitizer, it has a plethora of ¨protection.¨  Zeus made an ingenious observation that perhaps it is a South African custom to ¨get it on¨ in the public bathroom. The walk to Boulder Beach from the Simons Town train station took longer than we expected.

The penguins surpassed our expectations. They are, in fact, real penguins! We took as many pictures of them as we could until our cameras were full. Might have to make a facebook album dedicated to the penguins, but no guarantees. Upon our return to Cape Town, we concluded our trip with a visit to the world renowned culinary extra-ordinarium Mama Africa. We sampled wild game meat, including crocodile, antelope, ostrich, and venison. Zeus, being the seasoned chef he is, carefully observed the tastes and sensations experienced. A live traditional African band played in the background. When we finished, we opted to venture back to our hostel on foot. Considering the shady characters we passed, it´s a wonder we are alive today!